Material Plant Handling Services

We solve your dust challenges by analysing your entire mining and material-handling process…

Dust-Act process detail

Material-handling dust management is an art not a science. It takes years of experience and full understanding of all the variables involved


The Process

1. A material-specific suppression agent is formulated.
2. The suppression agent is forced out the cannons at an extremely high velocity.
3. The micro particles of mist interact with the dust particles.
4. As the suppression agent comes into contact with the dust or smoke particles, the air flow forces the dust around the micro particles.
5. The dust attaches to the particle.
6. The mist particles fall to the ground clearing the air.

Particle Attaches

Active areas

» Crushing plants
» Transfer points
» Tipping points & tippler areas
» Hoppers & screen houses
» Conveyors & chutes
» Stock pile & loading areas
» Casting areas & furnaces – NEW
» Blasting areas – NEW
» Haul roads


You will only know the benefits of customised material-handling dust management design when you have a thorough assessment done by our team. And we’re offering it for free.

Key Features

1. From site survey, through equipment design, installation, ongoing service and onsite performance testing, our experts are there working with your team.
2. Proven systems engineering.
3. Unique designs for each unique situation.
4. Project management.
5. Capabilities and resources.
7. Systems integrated to G-SAP or any other interface.
8. Constant innovation in technology and design.
9. Quality management: ISO14001, ISO9001, structure integrity, etc.
10. Cost saving and minimisation.
11. Flexibility in the application: system design, positioning, use of water, etc.
12. Completely green solutions.

Every site is different, Every challenge is Unique. Customised solutions guarantee maximum efficiency

Custom-Engineered Designs


The reason we design and engineer our own systems is simply because that is the only way to be able to manage airborne dust effectively and maximise efficiency. With years of experience and understanding, our designs are unmatched, which is why we are now moving into categories that no other company has before.

Key Benefits

» More efficient.
» Saves you money.
» Flexible and adaptable.
» Modular systems.
» Better servicing possibilities.

We attribute our expansion to the fact that more and more companies realise the benefits of custom designs

New Services – First in the world


Blasting sites

There are so many factors that vary when dealing with blasting sites and managing the dust. Timing and effective communication are critical when dealing with the high risks involved.


Casting areas & furnaces

Smoke in a high heat, indoor environment presents it’s own unique challenges especially when it comes to visibility. View our BHP Metalloy case study as an example.

Every aspect of the process needs to be analised, managed and maintained with a commitment to service

We design and develop our own misting cannons to spec



We design our own misting system locally. This enables us to match the cannon specifications to the entire system design requirements. It also gives us the advantage of being able to provide the cannons to our clients as part of a completely integrated system. We are also able to offer a substantial discount due to the fact that our competitors need to import the units.


» More efficient.
» Saves you money.
» Flexible and adaptable.
» Modular systems.
» Better servicing possibilities.

We offer a free of charge assessment of your
site-specific requirements

Allow us the opportunity to prove our service to you.

We are so confident that our service is the best in the business that we offer our onsite assessments of your specific needs for FREE.

If you are not impressed with our solutions to your specific dust problems there will be no charge whatsoever for the assessment, this means all risk is on us to prove our service to you, and nothing to lose for your business.

Your FREE OF CHARGE Assessment will include the following:

  • Site Visit: our experts will perform a full assessment of the current state of the plant
  • Risk Assessment: of the identified solutions of the specific plant
  • Identify potential challenges and problems
  • Dust sampling for tailor-made dust suppressant solution.
  • Client Consultation in customising solutions for specific client needs
  • Final presentation of full solution with basic designs of end-system.

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