Road Dust Suppression


Enjoy a dust-free haul road experience which will result in an overall reduction in expenses, ensuring a cost-effective service for road haul users.

Listed below are only some of the numerous benefits you will enjoy when incorporating dust control.

Our high-tech methodology and machinery has been designed to comply with regulations tackling a plethora operating challenges, issues and concerns across the board.

Haul Road Dust Suppression –
Done to Perfection

Listed here are eight real reasons why industries across the board need to incorporate our dust-free haul road cutting-edge technology:

Improved Road Visibility and Safety

Extended tire life

Reduce Vehicle Operating and Maintenance costs

Reduce Road Maintenance Cost

Reduce Water Consumption

Environmental Performance Enhancement

Improved Health Conditions

Comply with legal issues and requirements

By incorporating Dust Act’s dust management products and services will mean using less or no water, control emissions and save on your bottom line.

Haul road dust causes problems such as wet environments and the reduction of traction plus it will minimise the usual wear and tear on tyres.

The use of water to control dust often comes with a whole range of challenges, including this valuable non-renewable resource being either unaffordable or in short supply.It is a reality that water is becoming increasingly scarce on the continent of Africa, therefore saving water wherever we can is a no-brainer.

Suffice to say PM10 and PM 2.5 emissions impact negatively on the environment as well as being the cause of a number of health issues. By selecting us for your haul dust control services and products it will soon become evident that our cutting-edge technology will prove to be conducive to excellent healthy working conditions whilst minimising and/or eliminating hazardous environments.

Road Dust Suppression

Road Dust Suppression Solutions – Our Cutting Edge technology

We pride ourselves on manufacturing our own solutions which affords us a huge advantage over our competition. We apply a variety of formulae which have been refined and updated consistently since our inception. Our formulae have been tried and tested time and again – the proof of the pudding is indeed in the eating as far as application is concerned.

We conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to ensure the prerequisites and requirements of every aspect of road dust suppression is taken into the equation and eliminated entirely resulting in safe, clean and productive working environments.

DA 600 - The most advanced Dust Suppression Solution for total Road Dust Control

DA600 is an environmentally safe acrylic latex co-polymer, all-purpose liquid soil stabiliser. It is diluted with water and is used for controlling and managing a variety of soil conditions. When properly applied in sufficient quantities, DA600 will effectively control problems associated with base failure (potholes), dust pollution, ruts, pot-holes and soil erosion. DA600 is manufactured using nanotechnology while keeping the environment in mind.

Dust Suppression Solutions

DA600 is highly effective in the suppression of dust. Unlike water, where dust is present the moment the soil dries, DA600 will only have to be re-applied days after the initial application.

DA600, is a latex based co-polymer that, when applied to soil is extremely versatile in its application. As long as there are a minimum of 17% fines, the solution will have the ability to bind virtually any soil type. DA600 is diluted when applied to the soil, the water acting as a transport system for the product. DA600 can even be used with sea water! The dilution ratios are determined by the type of soil treated, and the end result which is to be achieved.

The period is largely determined by the traffic over the treated area, as well as the amount of dust blown onto the treated area from surrounding untreated areas, called contamination points.

On areas that have no traffic on it, DA600 can be applied without the soil being scrificed. On areas that will have traffic on it, to a greater or lesser degree, it is advisable to scarify the soil before the initial application. The depth to be scarified will be determined by the type of soil, as well as on how compacted, or loose, the soil surface is.

Benefits of using DA600 - How DA600 will Save You Money

Cost Effective Solution - Savings over Traditional Stabilizers.

DA600 is less expensive than traditional non-liquid stabilizers such as cement, lime or bitumen based emulsions. In some areas, the cost of cement or lime stabilization is 10 times more than DA600 with little or no appreciable difference in performance.

Increased Soil Density.

With good compaction, the density of soil is significantly increased, and with sufficient applications of DA600 , the density is sealed and hardened to appropriate specifications. The increased density, along with the overall strength of DA600 , will result in a much stronger and longer lasting base. The cost of building a deeper base will be eliminated, and the overall cost of future repairs will be virtually non-existent.

Reduction of Permeability.

Laboratory tests have confirmed that soil treated with DA600 will result in a reduction of permeability that far exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Deterioration of a soil base generally begins with an invasion of moisture with ultimate failure resulting from an inability to sustain routine traffic conditions. DA600 is inherently resistant to moisture, and when combined with well compacted soil, the possibility of moisture penetration is greatly reduced. Potholes, ruts, "wash-boarding," and cracks will be eliminated and the overall savings in maintenance repairs will be significant.

Reduction of the Cost of a Wearing Surface.

As the result of a stronger, more durable, and longer lasting base, the cost of a wearing surface can be greatly reduced at a significant savings. Research on South African roads has indicated that a savings of just 15mm of asphalt can amount to more than R620, 000.00 per kilometre – a cost savings that is many times more than the cost of stabilizing a base with DA600 . (Source: South African Roads Transport Agency)

Unpaved Roads.

DA600 is an excellent alternative when asphalt or chip seal paving cannot be afforded. Roads that have been stabilized and over-coated with DA600 have remained stronger, more durable and longer lasting than those without the product. The savings on maintenance costs alone can be redirected into future paving programs. The results will not only provide a tremendous savings in road construction and maintenances, but they will also yield a tremendous difference in the comfort and safety for all those who travel the roads.

Total Dust Control Solution

The process of using plain water to control dust is a never-ending expensive task that offers little more than a few hours of return on your investment. The futility of wasting time, money, and precious water resources is increased as the water quickly evaporates and new clouds of dust are again released into the environment.

People and animals are forced to inhale the contamination, equipment becomes clogged and dirty, administrative areas and paperwork are constantly layered with dust, and local traffic is endangered. Working and living environments should not be subjected to these types of hazards, particularly at a time when environmental protection agencies are becoming more aggressive in the enforcement of stricter laws on compliance with PM-10 standards.

Fighting dust pollution with plain water is a wasteful out-dated method of dealing with a problem that can be much more easily and less expensively solved with an initial application of DA600 , and occasional re-applications as needed. Let’s all work together to save our precious water resources and local communities.

Dust Suppression Solution - Application


Scarify the base down to the appropriate depth, usually between 50mm-100mm. With a Grader, remove scarified soil to the side of the working surface forming a windrow. 1st Application of DA600 – Apply DA600 evenly over the top of windrow and allow it to soak into the scarified soil. The Motor Grader then evenly distributes the windrow over the road surface, mixing the treated soil with the dry soil.

2nd Application of DA600

Apply DA600 evenly over the top, and allow to soak into the scarified soil. At this stage DA600 should have been applied evenly throughout the road surface. The Grader can now profile the final surface of the road, ensuring the required levels.

Dust Suppression Solution - Evaporation Reduction

DA600 will yield a dramatic increase in the strength of virtually any type of soil base. DA600 strength capabilities are comparable to cement stabilization. Other tests have shown that DA600 resistance to moisture exceeds the performance of other dust suppressants currently available in the market.

DA600 is easily accommodated into routine construction procedures with no requirement for special equipment or handling precautions. The product is simply diluted with water and distributed into the soil in sufficient quantities to bind and transform the base into a solid mass of tightly bonded soil particles. At a fraction of the cost of cement, asphalt (tar), bitumen emulsion or lime stabilization.

Ek 35 - Advanced Haul Roads Dust Suppression Solution


EK-35 is unique in formulation with a resin binder system made from renewable resources that captures fines and keeps them locked into the surface, preventing dust from escaping.

EK35 was the first Synthetic Organic Dust Control® product on the market. Unique in the industry, this product has a resin binder system that captures fines and keeps them locked into the surface, preventing fugitive dust from escaping.

EK35 is formulated with a resin binder and is a superior choice for industrial, construction, and municipal applications. It quickly penetrates dust and remains actively effective on clay, sand, gravel, limestone, and most native soils regardless of the weather or how severe the traffic.

The binder system interlocks and durably binds surface aggregate and fines together through both cohesive and adhesive mechanisms. As fines are generated, they are captured, preventing them from escaping as dust.

EK35 is cost-effective for controlling PM10 and PM2.5 from open fugitive dust sources, and unlike other available products it will not track onto public roadways or stick to vehicles. EK35 provides longer-lasting performance and requires fewer applications than other dust control and surface-stabilization methods – regardless of season.


  • EPA-verified safe for people and the environment
  • EPA-verified effective for reducing PM10 and PM2.5
  • Certified non-corrosive by Boeing
  • Creates pavement-like strength; enhanced by traffic
  • Can be reworked without reapplication
  • Does not evaporate or leach out of the surface
  • Performs well at extreme temperatures
  • Can be stored at temperatures down to -50° F
  • Readily biodegradable in natural environments
  • Works with all types of soils and aggregates

Gravel Road Dust Suppression

Once an in-depth needs-analysis has been conducted to pin-point the exact solutions and needs of the client’s individual site, we create tailored solutions for all Gravel Road Dust Suppression requirements.

Our competition will then be rendered irrelevant as they incorporate umbrella solutions, while we understand that Dust Suppression is a far more complicated issue and that there is an art to dust suppression, therefore we choose to apply a unique application for each client and industry, catering to their exclusive needs.


Dirt Road Dust Suppression

We are the proud innovators, creators and manufactures of our very own dirt road dust suppression formula, with a singular focus on innovation whilst fine-tuning Dirt Road Dust Suppression solutions across the board. The result is excellence with a perfect end-result.

With many years of research and testing under our belts, our team of experts have been able to perfect misting cannons, supplying industries from across the board with a level of efficiency and excellence, resulting in true effectiveness.
With inside know-how combined with tried and tested research, we ensure misting cannons offer an unparalleled level of efficiency and effectiveness that our clients deserve.

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Haul Road Dust Suppression

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We continue to refine our products and services to incorporate Eco-Friendly and Green dust suppression solutions across the board; additionally we firmly believe in machine-friendly solutions which are aimed at maintaining the highest safety standards of machine equipment and vehicles at all times.

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  • Final presentation of full solution with basic designs of end-system.

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